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The Science Behind Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace

Efforts to enhance diversify the workplace are nothing new. However, the way businesses understand efforts, including addressing biases and working to change the internal culture, are expanding.

Not only are D&I programs creating opportunities for people who are socially marginalized; research shows these efforts also help increase profits. A report by Asperian Global states “companies with gender, ethnic and racial diversity are at least 15 percent more likely to experience above-average financial returns. They also know that companies within the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35 percent more likely to do the same.”

Some of the world’s top-grossing companies are leading multi-dimensional diversity and inclusion initiatives, including:

  • Ford Motor Company: made Diversity Inc.’s Top 50 an impressive 11 times.
  • Sodexo: was the recipient of the Catalyst Award in 2012 and earned a spot on Diversity Inc.’s Top 50 eight times.
  • L’Oréal: In 2006, the World Diversity Leadership Council presented L’Oréal USA with the Corporate Diversity Innovation Award and the Award in 2012.
  • Deutsche Bank: named as one of the Top 50 Employers for Women, Deutsche Bank also won an award for its global sponsorship program ATLAS, which helps women progress to senior positions.

[cta] Download our white paper for more information: “The State of DEI: The DEI Train Has Left the Station”

Spectra Diversity’s Maturity Model: Where Does your Organization Fit?

Each individual and each organization lie somewhere on the Spectra Diversity and Inclusion Maturity Model.

As with several maturity models, many organizations are within the center of the model – the “Adopt” phase. Does this describe your organization?

Adopt: Views diversity and inclusion as a key driver of organizational efficiency, employee engagement and/or opportunities to expand market opportunities. Measurements are in place to evaluate diversity and inclusion initiatives. There is some infrastructure (e.g. diversity and inclusion council, employee resource groups, etc.). Diversity and inclusion are aligned with the organization’s mission and vision. Works to promote inclusion.

The only way to know for certain – is to measure diversity and inclusion within the organization. Learn more about how the Spectra Assessment measures organizations.

The [organization] should continue to set and meet goals to maintain diversity and inclusion. Current efforts appear to be working effectively, and I believe the results of this survey will help identify any areas that may be lacking. I hope that Management will utilize the results of this survey to promote, build, and strengthen opportunities to create a diverse and inclusive work environment. ~ Spectra Assessment Participant

Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace: Assessment Options for Organizations

Research shows that the fact that diversity and inclusion is measured, will increase the individual’s sense of inclusion and perception of belonging.

  • Option: Check out other self-assessments [link]
  • Option: Become an Enterprise Partner [link]
  • Option: Request a non-partner bid [link]

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