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D&I Professionals & Client Testimonials

I knew what to expect when I received the Organization Report for my client and when I received my Individual Report, because I had seen samples. What I was blown away by was the quality of the training kit that Spectra Diversity provided to me to use when facilitating a session. It was innovative, fresh and had new activities that I had never seen before. It was absolutely everything I needed. Kudos to Spectra Diversity!

~ LaJuana Warren, Tapestry Solutions for Inclusion

In a homogeneous county and seemingly homogeneous workforce, we deepened and broadened the definition of diversity by including all leadership in the organizational results. Our facilitated training on diversity and inclusion piqued interest enough that they now want to create a D&I Council and explore this internally and start an effort…to better serve the community.

– Andrea Jerrick, Deputy County Administrator, Polk County Wisconsin

Assessment is a key aspect of designing and implementing a relevant D&I strategy as it establishes a baseline and gives valuable information for setting priorities. An excellent new tool, the Spectra Assessment, a user-friendly online instrument, provides the organization with critical data and actionable feedback. Based on a five-step developmental model and statistically validated, the instrument’s strength is that it goes beyond measuring individual behaviors and attitudes and assesses management and organizational practices and policies. This tool would be a great help to any organization attempting to leverage diversity and build a culture of inclusion.

~ Anita Rowe, Ph.D., Partner, Gardenswartz & Rowe

Anonymous Participant Testimonials

Diversity assessments, goals, training and program implementation should be clearly communicated with the expected benefits defined so that everyone in the organization can see the benefits of promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace. ~ Participant

This is a good first step with this survey. Maybe a few classes annually to maintain awareness of the benefits to a diverse workplace. This survey is one tool to prompt discovery so we can take on practices that ensure a great experience for all. ~ Participant

Providing surveys like this can help maintain a more inclusive workplace.~ Participant

Keep doing things like this survey. By keeping diversity in the mix, but not a sole focus, the [organization] will continue to grow the culture to a point that it becomes much more natural to those who may oppose such changes.~ Participant

I think this survey is a major step towards improving diversity within the organization. The outreach programs to attract a diverse group of college graduates is going to go a long way to improve diversity among the middle, upper and senior management levels within the [organization]. ~ Participant

The [organization] should continue to set and meet goals to maintain diversity and inclusion. Current efforts appear to be working effectively, and I believe the results of this survey will help identify any areas that may be lacking. I hope that Management will utilize the results of this survey to promote, build, and strengthen opportunities to create a diverse and inclusive work environment. ~ Participant

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