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Are you only seeing half the picture?

Most tools measure either the individual, or the organization.

Ours measures both.

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Are you only seeing half the picture?

Most tools measure either the individual, or the organization.

Ours measures both.

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Spectra Offers the Only Dual D&I Assessment

The only way to see the whole diversity and inclusion (D&I) picture is by gathering the full gamut of diversity and inclusion metrics. But most D&I assessments only give you part of the picture.

The Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment™ is the only validated D&I assessment that enables you to measure both individuals and the entire organization. See how we compare.

Thanks to the Spectra Assessment, we determined that the primary issue causing conflict in our organization was age — not race. Without it, we would have focused on the wrong issue. Now we know what to address.”

Start with diversity and inclusion metrics. Then take advantage of our resources.

Spectra Diversity offers an easy, 10-minute assessment

The Spectra Assessment

Whether you work in HR or as a D&I professional, diversity in the workplace is an important issue to address. Managing diversity and inclusion should always begin by gathering the full array of diversity and inclusion metrics.

Get the DEI data that matters

Interpreting the Results

Next, we’ll help you interpret the Spectra Assessment reports so you can devise a customized D&I program based on what the data tells you. Using our dual D&I assessment, your program could move beyond generic D&I training.

Data-driven DEI solutions are 10 minutes away

D&I Facilitation Kit

Looking for innovative D&I training materials for building inclusion skills? Spectra Diversity’s Powering Inclusive Cultures Facilitation Kit  and resources will help you build a complete D&I training appropriate for any individual or group.

How we compare with other D&I assessments

Some cultural assessment tools measure individuals but not the entire organization. Others measure teams or the organization, but not individuals. The Spectra Assessment measures BOTH.

See how we compare with other D&I assessments:

  • Measures both individuals and the organization
  • Statistically validated questions
  • Individual and group/team reports
  • Attractive and flexible pricing and options
  • No minimum or maximum number of participants
Compare D&I Assessment Tools
Assessment Tools
Measures the Individual
Measures the Organization  
Statistically Validated
Individual Level Report
Group/team Report
Custom sub-categories for data  
Custom open-ended questions
Train-the-Trainer Facilitation Kit Option
No minimum or maximum # of participants

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Announcing: Spectra Diversity Designated Top 10 Emerging D&I Company 2022

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Our Promise to Our D&I Colleagues

diversity and inclusion metricsWe promise to provide the most important tools our D&I colleagues need to fully measure and interpret your clients’ diversity and inclusion metrics. When we do our job well, you’ll be able to focus on the true needs of your clients.

Read more about the benefits of becoming one of our D&I Partners and hear what your colleagues have to say about working with Spectra Diversity.

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