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Are you seeing the whole picture?

Most assessment tools measure either the individual or the organization.

Spectra Diversity measures both.

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Are you seeing the whole picture?

Most tools measure either the individual, or the organization.

Ours measures both.

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Spectra Diversity Offers a More Comprehensive D&I Assessment

The only way to see the whole diversity and inclusion (D&I) picture is by gathering the full gamut of diversity and inclusion metrics. But most D&I assessments only give you part of the picture.

The Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment™ is the only validated D&I assessment that enables you to measure both individuals and the entire organization. See how we compare.

Thanks to the Spectra Assessment, we determined that the primary issue causing conflict in our organization was age — not race. Without it, we would have focused on the wrong issue. Now we know what to address.”

Start with diversity and inclusion metrics. Then take advantage of our resources.

Spectra Diversity offers an easy, 10-minute assessment

The Spectra Assessment

Whether you work in HR or as a D&I professional, diversity in the workplace is an important issue to address. Managing diversity and inclusion should always begin by gathering the full array of diversity and inclusion metrics.

Get the DEI data that matters

Interpreting the Results

Using our dual D&I assessment to assess individuals and your organization, your program can move beyond generic D&I training. Spectra Diversity offers enhanced reporting and consultation options for truly data-driven D&I solutions.

Data-driven DEI solutions are 10 minutes away

D&I Facilitation Kit

Looking for innovative D&I training materials for building inclusion skills? Spectra Diversity’s Powering Inclusive Cultures Facilitation Kit  and resources will help you build a complete D&I training appropriate for any individual or group.

Partner with Spectra Diversity

Deliver more impactful strategies and effective solutions by starting with the Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment™ to get a more accurate, actionable picture of DEI needs in your group.

As one of our valued partners uniquely authorized to distribute the Spectra Assessment, you’ll be using the only validated dual DEI assessment available.

Our Promise to Our D&I Colleagues

We promise to provide the most important tools our D&I colleagues need to fully measure and interpret your clients’ diversity and inclusion metrics. When we do our job well, you’ll be able to focus on the true needs of your clients.

Read more about the benefits of becoming one of our D&I Partners.

How we compare with other D&I assessments

Some cultural assessment tools measure individuals but not the entire organization. Others measure teams or the organization, but not individuals. The Spectra Assessment is the only one that measures BOTH.

Assessment Tools
Measures the Individual
Measures the Organization  
Statistically Validated
Individual Level Report
Group/team Report
Custom sub-categories for data  
Custom open-ended questions
Train-the-Trainer Facilitation Kit Option
No minimum or maximum # of participants

See how Spectra Diversity compares with other D&I assessments:

  • Measures both individuals and the organization
  • Statistically validated questions
  • Individual and group/team reports
  • Attractive and flexible pricing and options
  • No minimum or maximum number of participants
  • Partnership options for savings and support
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Spectra Diversity News

Join Us: Inclusive Cultures Webinar Series

Spectra Diversity’s free, nine-part webinar series, “Inclusive Cultures” is designed for those who know they want to join in on diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, but aren’t sure where to begin.

Each session features a special guest and insights from Chris Jones’ book Powering Inclusive Cultures.

Space is Limited – Register Today
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Guest author Louis Olander discusses the social construct of disability at work and how to better support individuals with disabilities as part of your DEI strategy.
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What are people saying about Spectra Diversity?

Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Assessment
Company of the Year 2024

Spectra Diversity Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Assessment Company of the Year 2024

One of the Top 10
Emerging D&I Companies

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Assessment is a key aspect of designing and implementing a relevant D&I strategy as it establishes a baseline and gives valuable information for setting priorities. This tool would be a great help to any organization attempting to leverage diversity and build a culture of inclusion.

—Anita Rowe, Ph.D., Partner, Gardenswartz & Rowe

In a homogeneous county and seemingly homogeneous workforce, we deepened and broadened the definition of diversity by including all leadership in the organizational results. Our facilitated training on diversity and inclusion piqued interest enough that they now want to create a D&I Council and explore this internally and start an effort…to better serve the community.

—Andrea Jerrick, Deputy County Administrator, Polk County Wisconsin

I knew what to expect when I received the Organization Report for my client, and when I received my Individual Report, because I had seen samples. What I was blown away by was the quality of the training kit that Spectra Diversity provided to me to use when facilitating a session. It was innovative, fresh and had new activities that I had never seen before. It was absolutely everything I needed. Kudos to Spectra Diversity!

—LaJuana Warren, Tapestry Solutions for Inclusion

As a Diversity & Inclusion Trainer/Facilitator, I love using the Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment. It is so helpful in providing data to our clients. Each person receives individual feedback about where their beliefs and practices around diversity and the organization gets a clear understanding of where the organization’s strengths and areas of opportunity for improvement are. I love using this for pre-post measurement and so do our clients.

—Kristina Smith, D&I Strategists

Spectra Diversity’s assessment tools are eye-openers for organizations. Being able to understand your employees and the organization as a whole is critical to a successful DEI plan for any size business. Spectra’s Assessment helps fill in the gaps so that organizations can create a more inclusive working environment for all.

—Lenora Billings-Harris, Ubuntu Global

If you’re hesitating at all about using the Spectra Diversity Assessment—don’t! My clients love that it gives them an organizational report as well as individual. Chris and Jen are so helpful and are always so kind and patient with my questions. They have helped me and my team through using their tool with a variety of consulting clients, and in my role at the Library. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

—Jamie Moyer (she/they), DEIB+ Change Practitioner, Within Collective

[Our company] should continue to set and meet goals to maintain diversity and inclusion. Current efforts appear to be working effectively, and I believe the results of this survey will help identify any areas that may be lacking. I hope that Management will utilize the results of this survey to promote, build, and strengthen opportunities to create a diverse and inclusive work environment. 

—Spectra Diversity Assessment Participant

I think this survey is a major step towards improving diversity within the organization. The outreach programs to attract a diverse group of college graduates is going to go a long way to improve diversity among the middle, upper and senior management levels within the [organization].

—Spectra Diversity Assessment Participant

Providing surveys like this can help maintain a more inclusive workplace. I chose to work for [company name] because their commitment to diversity was more than just lip service on their website. 

—Spectra Diversity Assessment Participant

An excellent new tool, the Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment, a user-friendly online instrument, provides the organization with critical data and actionable feedback. Based on a 5 step developmental model and statistically validated, the instrument’s strength is that it goes beyond measuring individual behaviors and attitudes and assesses management and organizational practices and policies.

—Anita Rowe, Ph.D., Partner, Gardenswartz & Rowe

Jones is the CEO of Spectra Diversity Inc., a company that helps organizations undertake diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. The book is effective in explaining why organizations should undertake those efforts and the best way of going about it. Spectra goes beyond short-term workshops that encourage an organization’s employees to embrace DEI values. Instead, it surveys the organization’s management, workers, customers, and if relevant, board, to identify how they perceive the organization’s current DEI culture. From there, Spectra analyzes the survey results and helps management create effective, measurable strategies for improving it.

—Paolo Guadiano, Chief Scientist, Aleria Research Corporation

The people who would find the book most helpful are those who govern and manage organizations and are looking to improve their organizations’ DEI efforts. Although from my experiences, having gone through DEI training in nonprofit organizations and academia, many DEI trainers could greatly improve their effectiveness if they took to heart several lessons that Jones has learned over the years.

—Paolo Guadiano, Chief Scientist, Aleria Research Corporation

The book explains how organizations can benefit by employing people with a wide range of backgrounds, including the usual ones, such as age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, and ethnicity. It also addresses one not often covered, employing people with military backgrounds.

—Paolo Guadiano, Chief Scientist, Aleria Research Corporation
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