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Inclusive Leadership Coaching: DEI Change Starts at the Top

Three Key Aspects of
Inclusive Leadership
  • Resilience
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Respect

Consider the proof:

Coca-Cola leaders trained in emotional intelligence exceeded performance targets by 15%.

Leaders who did not develop emotional intelligence skills missed their targets by 15%.

That is a 30% gap.

Did you know that a toxic workplace culture is the strongest predictor of industry-adjusted attrition?

According to a recent study, a toxic culture is 10 times more important than compensation in predicting employee turnover. The analysis found that the leading elements contributing to toxic cultures include failure to promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

Leaders Shape Workplace Culture

DEI needs to be integrated into the goals, mission and culture of your organization to retain high-quality, valuable workers and reduce the costs of attrition. To become a more inclusive individual, and a more transformative leader, you need to begin by working on yourself.

Systemic Change Starts at the Top

The diversity, equity and inclusion coaches represented by Spectra Diversity have deep experience working with top-tier executives from organizations of all sizes. Systemic organizational change which can set you apart as a top organization, starts at the top.

Coaching is the Key to Organizational Change

The coaches below can help you develop a strategic plan that goes beyond training to help you continue to become a more inclusive leader, no matter where you are currently on your DEI journey.

Become a More Inclusive Leader with DEI Coaching

Our coaches are in alphabetical order. We recommend all of them. Interested in becoming an authorized facilitator or coach with Spectra Diversity? Learn more about becoming a change partner.

Daryl Dixon, Cascade Employers Association

Program Description

This program guides executives and professionals toward authentic, actionable and inclusive leadership at the highest levels. An intensive three-month, transformative practice that builds the will, skill and knowledge to do the following and more:

  • Build cultural competence
  • Promote equity in the workplace
  • Practice intentional allyship
  • Engage in courageous communication
  • Support an actionable DEI plan
  • Foster a culture of belonging

Pre-work: Prior to beginning the coaching process the Executive will complete the Spectra Diversity Assessment. Instead of implementing “cookie cutter” solutions for DEI, the Spectra Assessment provides the executive with a unique opportunity to tailor change efforts based on their identified needs. The Spectra Assessment is delivered to the executive and generates an individual report. The individual report facilitates the coaching conversation, education and individual growth in both beliefs and skills.

Daryl Dixon

Focus Area(s):

DEI, Equity Audits, Executive Leadership Coaching, Leadership Development, Training & Development


The Pacific Northwest

Julie Kratz, Next Pivot Point

Julie Kratz is a highly-acclaimed TEDx speaker and inclusive leadership trainer who led teams and produced results in corporate America. After experiencing many career “pivot points” of her own, she started her own speaking business with the goal of helping leaders be more inclusive.

Promoting diversity, inclusion, and allyship in the workplace, Julie helps organizations foster more inclusive environments. She is a frequent keynote speaker, podcast host, and executive coach. She holds an MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, is a Certified Master Coach, and is a certified unconscious bias trainer.

Her books include Pivot Point: How to Build a Winning Career Game Plan, ONE: How Male Allies Support Women for Gender Equality and Lead Like an Ally: A Journey Through Corporate America with Strategies to Facilitate Inclusion, her children’s book Little Allies, and Allyship in Action: 10 Strategies for Living Inclusively.

Julie Kratz of Pivot Point

Focus Area(s):

DEI, Keynotes & Public Speaking



Amy S. Tolbert, Ph.D., CSP, ECCO International Principal

ECCO (Energizing Cultural Change in Organizations) International is dedicated to supporting organizations in creating inclusive cultures and developing inclusive leaders. Our strength lies in our experience and our people. ECCO is rich with over 30 years of experience across industries and the globe. We deliver an experience that leaves you knowing it was designed specifically for you— because it was! We offer services from assessments and need identification to customized learning.

We fit “square pegs” into square holes, not round ones.

Our services are made-to-order, not “one size fits all.”

We’re “quick change” artists.

We are committed to your success.

Amy S. Tolbert

Focus Area(s):

Fortune 100, Fortune 500, International Cultures, Leadership Development, Top 50 Companies



Amy C. Waninger, Lead at Any Level

Lead at Any Level® provides assessment, advisory, and training services for organizations that promote from within, to help them keep their employees—and keep them engaged—by building inclusive leadership capabilities at every level. Our Gallup-certified Strengths Coaches, ICF-certified coaches, executive advisors, and trainers are committed to the belief that inclusive leaders can be anywhere and should be everywhere in an organization. Let us help you find, develop, and keep yours!

Amy C. Waninger Lead at Any Level

Focus Area(s):

DEI Consultant, Keynotes & Public Speaking, Training & Development


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