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Virtual DEI Tools Created by Spectra Partners

Spectra Diversity has the privilege of working with skilled and experienced diversity, equity and inclusion facilitation and content experts. A recent side-effect of the pandemic is our DEI experts’ creation of virtual DEI tools of all types, geared for multiple audiences. Please take a look at the offerings below. Because we recommend all of them, they are in alphabetical order.

ECCO International

As virtual learning becomes the new norm, these DEI virtual tools allow for high-quality education to clients looking for foundational DEI trainings.  ECCO’s training sessions offer self-paced, videos for flexible asynchronous learning; step-by-step instructions; downloadable, printable resources; evergreen activities.

ECCO International has three course offerings:

  • Leading Inclusive Cultures – Leaders need to go first. Are your leaders awake? The burden of embracing diversity and inclusion can’t rest on the shoulders of those who are most vulnerable to it. Leaders need to lead.
  • Developing Global Business Communication Skills – Gain new techniques for bridging cultural boundaries to improve business skills and working relationships
  • Inclusion Starts with ME… and the Ostrich – Are you ready to give yourself a point of differentiation and strengthen your personal brand? Learn critical inclusion skills today!

Connect to ECCO International’s virtual DEI training tools. ECCO’s virtual DEI training URL will be sent to you after you enter the brief information below. Note that Spectra Diversity never sells email information.

Organization At Its Best: Racial Equity Bootcamp

No matter your challenges, together we can create transparency, respect, accountability, and empathy, so you and your team gain a deep sense of belonging through fair and equitable treatment of all. This virtual DEI tool is for:
  • Organizations that have implemented some DEI initiatives but aren’t making enough progress
  • Those who understand diversity is good for business and society, and who want to be part of the solution
  • Leaders who want to bring honest, courageous conversations to their teams
  • People who know something must change, but need a structure to proceed safely, thoughtfully, and inclusively
  • HR leaders who want expert help implementing DEI into all levels of an organization (including leadership)
  • Leaders who aren’t in this to just to check a box, but to help people bring their best selves to work

Racial Equity Bootcamp includes: 12 self-paced modules; 12 knowledge checks; 100+ resources; 3 coaching sessions.  Access the Racial Equity Bootcamp home page using the short form below.

Virtual DEI Tools Created by Spectra Diversity

Powering Inclusive Cultures Facilitation Kit

Spectra Diversity offers a 6 hour (in 5 modules) virtual training kit for your in-house facilitators. Included in the purchase of the Powering Inclusive Cultures Facilitation Kit, is a train-the-trainer session in which Spectra Diversity will train your in-house facilitators how to conduct the training.

Alternatively, the expert DEI Facilitators listed on our website can also deliver the highly interactive sessions should you choose. Each facilitator has their own facilitation pricing.

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