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The Spectra Diversity and Inclusion Assessment

Empowering Understanding and Action Without Judgment

The Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment is designed to encourage conversation and facilitate understanding without judgement. In about 10 minutes, employees answer questions about the organization and themselves, the organization’s management, culture and policies, practices and procedures.

Get more data in less time and focus on solutions backed by insightful data with the Spectra Assessment.

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Spectra Diversity’s organization and individual reports give insight into both individual attitudes and organizational opportunities for becoming a more inclusive workplace.

Why should you use the Spectra Diversity and Inclusion Assessment Tool?

Develop Tailored D&I Strategies

Create effective diversity and inclusion strategies with the Spectra Assessment. Become a Spectra Change, Enterprise or Association Partner, or work with one of our existing Spectra Change Partners or Spectra Coaches to develop a plan based on your unique assessment outcomes.

Integrate with Other Assessment Tools

The Spectra Assessment can be used alone or alongside other diversity and inclusion tools like the IDI, Cultural Quotient, IES, CVA, or Catalyst Inclusion Accelerator. Our dual approach evaluates both organizational and individual dimensions of diversity and inclusion, giving you a complete picture. See how we compare to other D&I assessment tools.

See the Full D&I Picture

Our assessment allows D&I professionals to evaluate management, culture, policies, and individual beliefs and skills, offering a comprehensive view of your organization’s inclusion status. Schedule a demo to discover how the Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment can benefit your organization.

Comprehensive Data Collection

The Spectra Assessment gathers data on employee self-awareness, personal beliefs, and practical inclusion skills. Beyond individual reports, you receive an organizational report with enhanced data options, offering a holistic view of your inclusion landscape.

Rich Features and Custom Options

Standard Assessments Include:

  • Five demographic items
  • 31 diversity and inclusion statements
  • Two open-ended questions for qualitative insights
  • Individual Reports for each participant, with flexible distribution options
  • An Organization Report for the Enterprise or Change Partner

Custom Organization Report Options Include:

Consulting and Training Options Include:

Preview Sample Spectra Assessment Reports

Printable Information Sheets

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