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Thank you for working with Spectra Diversity!

Tell your colleagues and friends about the Spectra Assessment and we’ll give you a $250 Visa gift card or check for each one that works with us!

Copy one of our examples to get started:


I was just wrapping up a project and thought of you. Have you heard of the Spectra Assessment?

We used it on this project and I was blown away by how useful it was. We were able to survey the whole organization and the results we got were so much more than we have gotten with other assessments. Every person gets an individual report, and then the organization as a whole gets a report.

The website is – you can see examples, pricing, and set up time for a free demo.

It just made everything so much easier that I wanted to share!

Hope you’re well, talk soon.


If you want to use an assessment that actually helps you understand how to make a difference in diversity, equity and inclusion at your company, check out #DEI

Measuring what matters, make a difference. Diversity, equity and inclusion are too important to cut corners on. Check out #DEI

When you want the full picture on DEI go with Spectra Diversity. 100% the best buy in assessments. Get more information for less money – check out #DEI

Spectra is 100% the Best Buy of DEI assessments. Get more for less, check out #DEI

It’s hard to make changes in diversity, equity and inclusion if you don’t know where you stand. We used the Spectra Assessment for an accurate picture. Check out #DEI

We used the Spectra Assessment to find out where we stand because DEI is important to us and getting it right matters. Check out #DEI

With detailed reporting, we were able to understand which people in our organization were feeling included – or NOT included. Check out #DEI

Find out who feels included – or NOT included at your organization with detailed DEI reporting. Check out #DEI #Inclusion

We used Spectra Diversity for our DEI assessment and were able to create a strategy based on their statistically validated reports for both the individuals and the organization. Check out #DEI

A strategy based on statistically validated reports is exactly what we needed. The Spectra assessment made a huge difference for us. #DEI

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