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Unleash the power of data

Arm yourself with a wealth of data on both individuals and organizations.

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Unleash the power of data

Arm yourself with a wealth of data on both individuals and organizations.

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Harnessing the Power of Data with the Spectra Assessment

We believe the Spectra Assessment is the only statistically validated dual D&I assessment tool that provides data at both an individual and organizational (or team) level. It is particularly useful as an organization-wide or team-based benchmark tool.

At Spectra Diversity, we believe that any diversity and inclusion assessment tool an organization selects should be appropriate for its intended audience and purpose. As diversity and inclusion trainers and consultants, we believe there are many wonderful tools available. We created the Spectra Assessment to fill a gap and answer a need that was not being met.

The Questions are Statistically Validated

Clear and meaningful questions can help spot trends, inconsistencies, data patterns and all sorts of useful information about an organization, a team or an individual. Questions that can be interpreted multiple ways, that use unfamiliar words or that are ambiguous can lead to false assumptions.

The questions included in the Spectra Assessment have been statistically validated.

Validity: a term that psychologists use to describe the relationship between an answer and some measure of the true score. The goal of the psychometrician and the survey methodologist is to make sure the error term is small as possible, so the answers mainly reflect the true score.”

Our Assessment Provides Reliable and Actionable Data. Does Yours?

Studies support the concept that self-assessments are a valid and reliable means of measurement that can contribute to higher achievement and improved behavior. If you measure it, it will improve.

At Spectra Diversity we understand that D&I training facilitators need innovative D&I training materials and inclusion skill building. We also help you interpret the Spectra Assessment data. Find out more about our Powering Inclusive Cultures Facilitation Kit.

Every line is a perfect length if you don’t measure it.” ~ Marty Rubin

Measurement is key. It’s never too late to start. Contact us today.

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