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Spectra Assessment Order Options

At Spectra Diversity we know there’s a wide range of organizations engaging in diversity and inclusion work. We’ve recently created three product options to meet varying needs.

  1. Standard Spectra Assessment: This option is perfect for non-profits, smaller clients, and those who may only use the Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment once. We keep this level easy and uncomplicated. Get started with an order, or set up a consultation to chat.
  2. Enterprise Partner: This option was created for organizations that are implementing the Spectra Assessment internally such as universities, manufacturing, retail, healthcare and other types of organizations with less than 100 and up to 10,000 participants. (Contact us for Enterprise levels greater than 10,000.) We recommend that Enterprises assess their organization and conduct training/education every two to five years. Optional: Enhanced Data Analysis Report.
  3. Change Partner: This option was designed for D&I consultants who engage with client organizations of all types and sizes. Most of our Change Partners have two or more Spectra Assessments running in a single year. Our Change Partners may act as a resource for Enterprise clients who need assistance with D&I facilitation. Optional: Enhanced Data Analysis Report for this group. The Facilitation Kit is free for Lifetime members.

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