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Are you a consultant working in the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) space looking for a secure, online, powerful and cost-effective D&I assessment tool? Are you an HR manager needing to provide your company with guidance as to a course of action for D&I efforts? If either of those are true, we’d like to be your partner.

The Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment is intended to better focus (or more accurately target) change efforts related to diversity and inclusion based on the needs of the group or organization. As a Change Partner, you’d receive:

  • Special Spectra Diversity and Inclusion Assessment™ rates
  • A customization-ready and co-branded Facilitation Kit to use in your D&I training
  • An onboarding Train-the-Trainer  session with our seasoned experts
  • Webcasts to share D&I Best Practices
  • Listing as a D&I resource/consultant for organizations using the SDIA.

Sign up to become a Spectra Diversity Partner or contact us for more information.

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