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Spectra Diversity Authorized Facilitators

Diversity, equity and inclusion trainers require special skills to facilitate potentially difficult conversations. The individuals listed below have been authorized by Spectra Diversity to use the Spectra Assessment and provide DEI training. Most of those included on this page use the Spectra Diversity Powering Inclusive Cultures Facilitation Kit whereas some use their own proprietary training.

If your organization, non-profit, university or other enterprise group does not have skilled diversity inclusion strategists or trainers, these consultants can help you out.

Please contact them directly prior to administering your Spectra Assessment to discuss schedules, pricing and potential travel arrangements. They’re all busy people so please allow as much advance planning time as possible.

Facilitators are in alphabetical order. We recommend all of them. Interested in becoming an authorized facilitator with Spectra Diversity? Learn more about becoming a change partner.

Archbright: Workplace Performance Experts

Archbright is the go-to resource for Pacific Northwest employers. At our core, we offer easy access to expert HR, safety, and legal advice through an affordable annual membership. Our focus is helping companies elevate workplace performance—by helping them be compliant with hundreds of employment laws and build more engaged workforces.

With three membership levels to choose from, employers can align our services with their needs and budget. Benefits may include access to our HR and Safety Hotlines, employment law and labor law advice, compensation survey data, and mozzo, our new online platform designed to connect members to our expert HR and safety resources. Members can also purchase additional services that span every stage of the employer-employee relationship, including HR Consulting, Employee and Leadership Training, Retirement Programs, Safety Consulting, Retrospective Rating Programs, Claims Management, and Labor Relations. And all at a price and quality unmatched in the marketplace.

FOCUS AREA: Leadership, Inclusive Cultures, Diversity & Inclusion, and Strategic Execution.

LOCATION: The Pacific Northwest & Southern CA.

CONTACT: Archbright

August M. Ball, Cream City Conservation & Consulting

After a decade of working in the environmental field, August Marie Ball, a woman of color, and citizen of the world, noticed a theme: Lack of representation of people of color in leadership positions and a lack of knowledge on how to mitigate existing organizational cultures which lead to workforce homogeneity in the first place.

August helps environmental and community-based organizations address diversity and land stewardship needs through the cultivation of inclusive culture and creation of equitable green career pipelines. Any organization can increase engagement of traditionally underrepresented populations and build access through her training because she helps them identify (and provides tools) for interrupting unconscious bias and disrupting institutional roadblocks. August specializes in building inclusive workplace cultures.

FOCUS AREA: Conservation/environment, non-profit, youth groups, government agencies, community based organizations

LOCATION: Wisconsin

CONTACT: August M. Ball

Tawana Bhagwat, Organization At Its Best

Tawana is the Founder and CEO of Organization At Its Best. She has more than twenty-five years of experience leading and directing human resources, training, facilitation, coaching, people management & administration. She serves as the coach for C-Suite executives advising on a variety of managerial decisions, including diversity and inclusion, organizational design, culture, employee relations, executive compensation and strategic planning.

She is an organizational leader with a bold, unapologetic approach that drives others toward success that creates impactful change. She believes the cornerstones of growth and positive change in an organization is more trust, more connection, more accountability and more intentional focus.

Diversity Inclusion Consultant

Leadership, diversity and inclusion, coaching

LOCATION: Washington DC, Baltimore

CONTACT: Tawana Bhagwat

Sarika Bhakta, Nikeya Diversity Consulting

At Nikeya Diversity Consulting our goal is to strategically move the dial on equity, diversity, inclusion and engagement initiatives via a holistic integrated approach. Some industries focus solely on equity, some focus on diversity, some focus on inclusion and very few focus on engagement. The key is to ensure all four initiatives are integrated throughout your organization, institution, enterprise, community/region and state which will deliver long-term sustainable ROI and outcomes for the workplace, region and state

By consistently including and engaging your diverse talent within an equitable environment/culture, it empowers your talent to take calculated risks driving creativity, innovation, growth and sustainable results.

Sarika Bhakta DEI consultant

DEI executive coach, public speaker, diversity certification


CONTACT: Nikeya Diversity Consulting

Lenora Billings-Harris, CSP, CPAE, UbuntuGlobal

Lenora Billings-Harris, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) is a CPAE (Council of Peers Award of Excellence) Hall of Fame speaker and an internationally recognized authority in the areas of inclusion, diversity, and bias. She has been included as one of the 100 Global Thought Leaders on Diversity and Inclusion by The Society of Human Resource Management  and was named by Diversity Woman Magazine as one of the twenty top influential diversity leaders in the US. Her award-winning diversity leadership research is recognized in academic journals internationally. Additionally, she serves on the Advisory Council of the Nido Qubein School of Communication, High Point University, as well as on the adjunct business faculty of two other universities.

She has presented to audiences in over 45 countries and six continents and is the author of TRAILBLAZERS: How Top Business Leaders are Accelerating Results through Inclusion and Diversity, and is the author of The Diversity Advantage: A Guide to Making Diversity Work, 3rd Ed.

Focus Area: Global DEI consulting and speaking

Location: North Carolina

Contact: UbuntuGlobal 

Wendy Culver, Human Resources, Mead & Hunt

Wendy Culver, an HR veteran, leads the Human Resources team at Mead & Hunt — in making Mead & Hunt a great place to work. Satisfaction surveys and a healthy tenure among employees demonstrate their focus is working.

“Not surprisingly, doing what’s right and what makes sense almost always equates to what’s best for both the employees and the company,” Wendy says. “When employees thrive, clients do, too.”

Engineering and manufacturing companies

LOCATION: Wisconsin

CONTACT: Mead & Hunt

Daryl Dixon, Cascade Employers Association

At Cascade Employers Association, our DEI programs are designed to build the skill, will and knowledge of the people within an organization to create and sustain an inclusive workplace. This requires an organization to examine its culture, polices, practices and procedures to uncover and discover the things that create disparities and inequity in the workplace.   

Daryl brings more than 20 years of experience in the area of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Daryl has led this work in organizations ranging from small non-profits to Fortune 500. Daryl is also a certified EEO Investigator.  An award-winning diversity practitioner, Daryl has presented at the national SHRM Diversity Conference and was cited in HR Magazine for his expertise in the area of workforce diversity.

Daryl Dixon

FOCUS AREA: Building better workplaces through diversity, equity and inclusion, equity audits; DEI training, leadership, coaching

LOCATION: The Pacific Northwest

CONTACT:  Daryl Dixon

Employers Council

Employers Council is your partner in building an even more effective and successful organization. Our committed staff of nearly 200 respected industry veterans is available to help you navigate the complexities of employment law, human resources management, training, compliance, worker assessments, performance improvement, and more. Members have easy access to personalized, expert guidance from employment law attorneys, human resource professionals, researchers, facilitators, coaches, trainers, investigators, negotiators, and other specialists.

Employers Council

Employment Law, HR Services, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Development, Coaching, Team Effectiveness, Culture, Conflict Resolution

LOCATION: Colorado, Arizona, Utah

CONTACT: Employers Council

Charlotte Hughes, CHCS, CPLP, CDP, Inclusive Leaders Group

We help organizations profit from greater Awareness, Allyship & Action.
Our team is committed to creating organizations where all talent collaborate effectively, feel they belong, recognize their value, develop themselves as inclusive leaders, and contribute effectively to achieve their organization’s mission and business goals.
Our process starts with learning about your business goals, the culture, and people strategy, and then we tailor our solutions to meet you where you are on your DEI journey.
Our consulting team represent a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds including human resources, diversity and inclusion, organizational development, legal, marketing, psychology, education, and workplace wellness.

Inclusive Leaders Group

Healthcare at any level


CONTACT: Inclusive Leaders Group

Julie Kratz, Next Pivot Point

Julie Kratz is a highly-acclaimed TEDx speaker and inclusive leadership trainer who led teams and produced results in corporate America. After experiencing many career “pivot points” of her own, she started her own speaking business with the goal of helping leaders be more inclusive.

Promoting diversity, inclusion, and allyship in the workplace, Julie helps organizations foster more inclusive environments. She is a frequent keynote speaker, podcast host, and executive coach. She holds an MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, is a Certified Master Coach, and is a certified unconscious bias trainer.

Her books include Pivot Point: How to Build a Winning Career Game Plan, ONE: How Male Allies Support Women for Gender Equality and Lead Like an Ally: A Journey Through Corporate America with Strategies to Facilitate Inclusion, her children’s book Little Allies, and Allyship in Action: 10 Strategies for Living Inclusively.

Julie Kratz of Pivot Point

Keynote speaker, executive coach, DEI


CONTACT:  Next Pivot Point

Sandra Martinez, PhD, Fenix Leadership & Development

Guided by key indicators of diversity and inclusion, we collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data to create a visual and narrative summary report of the data. We collaborate with you in identifying areas of strength and challenges and co-design a strategic plan for development and change that is contextual, responsive, and actionable. Through the interventions and initiatives in the plan, we support you as you move through a process of learning, exploration, development and transformation, in order to realize your DEI goals. Throughout this process, we draw on advanced knowledge in the natural, behavioral and cognitive sciences. Our goal is to help you emerge as a more diverse, inclusive and resilient organization.

Sandra M. Martínez is the President and Founder of Fénix Leadership & Development. She is a seasoned executive coach and consulting professional with more than 20 years of experience working with strategic leaders in the U.S. and abroad.

Sandra Martinez DEI facilitator

DEI executive coach, author

LOCATION: New Mexico

CONTACT: Fenix Leadership & Development

MEA, MidAtlantic Employers’ Association

Since 1903, Employers have trusted MidAtlantic Employers’ Association (MEA) to deliver essential services that attract, develop and motivate their workforce. With our HR Consulting, leadership development, coaching, compliance and employment law, training and recruiting services we are a single source for HR services that deliver responsive, practical solutions that work.

With our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practice area, we create a partnership with our clients that allows us to meet them where they are now and assist them with developing a vision for where they want to go. We support them in making meaningful progress towards this vision, through our on-going consulting, assessment, and training services.

Focus Areas: Leadership Development, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Coaching, Training, HR Services

Locations: PA, NJ, DE, NY, MD

Contact: Margaret Uhrich, Managing Director, Talent Development & Coaching

MRA, The Management Association, Inc.

Diverse and inclusive organizations have improved performance and productivity, come up with more and innovative ideas, have lower turnover rates, and attract better talent and more customers. Drawing upon personal and professional experiences, MRA’s team of professionals will partner with you to design, develop, and implement a roadmap for DEI. Our DEI services include customized training programs, coaching, and consultation as well as recruiting and retention strategies and affirmative action planning.

As one of the largest employer associations in the nation, MRA helps organizations thrive by offering the most comprehensive assortment of HR services, talent management, learning and organization development opportunities, and total rewards planning to help build successful workplaces and powerful workforces. We look forward to supporting your organization’s DEI journey.

MRA Where HR means business

FOCUS AREAS: Leadership, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Coaching, Training & Development, Talent Management.


CONTACT: Lisa Pook, Organization Development Manager

Claudia Schabel, Schabel Solutions

Schabel Solutions is a full-service strategic DEI consulting partner helping our clients build the strategies, confidence, skills, normalized inclusive behaviors and workplace cultures needed to address the dangers of unmitigated unconscious bias, untapped talent, missed market opportunities and stagnant innovation.

We use our signature framework and people-centric tools to deliver innovative and customizable DEI consulting, DEI training, DEI presenting and DEI coaching services to our many business, education, government and non-profit clients.

Claudia Schabel

DEI consultant, DEI leadership coach


CONTACT:  Schabel Solutions

Kristina Smith, CDP, Diversity & Inclusion Strategists

Kristina Smith helps organizations see and understand how to create equitable workspaces for all.

The President & Chief Strategist at Diversity & Inclusion Strategists, Kristina and her team assess an organization’s culture and provide comprehensive solutions to the seemingly intractable problems that businesses face. D&I Strategists believes that Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging is not a destination, and to be successful in creating high-performing teams, there are key components that need to be in place. Kristina brings her years of experience and wisdom to our discussion about Collaboration and Courage to help us learn how to build a place where everyone is safe, welcome, and thrives in their role.

Government agencies, for-profit and non-profit organizations, leadership

LOCATION: Maryland

CONTACT: Contact Kristina Smith

Amy S. Tolbert, PhD, CSP, ECCO International

Amy develops multicultural organizations and individuals by bringing you cutting-edge topics, such as multicultural mindset development, diversity and inclusion initiatives, leadership competency development, managing to style, and creating breakthrough teams. She specializes in helping individuals expand productivity and organizations increase profitability through facilitated experiential learning in leadership, inclusion and global communication initiatives.

Amy creates learning tools including, a video based global communications training (Open Mind, Open World) and is a co-founder of Spectra Diversity, offering the Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment which measures both organizational progress and individual skills related to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Amy S. Tolbert

International cultures, leadership, Fortune 500, 100 and Top 50 companies

LOCATION: Minnesota

CONTACT: Contact ECCO International

LaJuana Warren, Tapestry Solutions for Inclusion

We offer a series of face to face 90 to 120 minute workshops — at our location or yours on various inclusion topics. We offer diversity and inclusion assessments, as well as speaking engagements.

At Tapestry, we realize the importance of a feasible way to have diversity and inclusion training in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas. The workshops are ideal for companies who have a diversity strategy in place and want to augment their training plans. It is great for individuals who are part of their organizations Employee Resource Groups, or diversity councils.

We offer a series of classes to the public at our location – ideal class size is 10 to 20, or we will come to your location. We can also customize and combine the workshops to meet your organizations requirements. We offer classes in a series because studies show that it is more effective. You would never expect to work out one time and be in shape.

LaJuana Warren

Utilities, non-profits, government, pharmaceuticals


CONTACT:  Tapestry

Amy C. Waninger, Lead at Any Level

Lead at Any Level® improves employee engagement and retention for companies that promote from within. We provide training, assessments, and advisory services that help you keep your employees—and keep them engaged—because we believe that leaders can be anywhere and should be everywhere in your organization.

Amy C. Waninger is s a member of the CPCU Society and is serving a three-year term on the Society’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee. While working as a senior manager in a Fortune 100 Insurance Company, she served on the national leadership team for their LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group and an enterprise-wide council to engage men as allies.

Her programs teach organizations to build inclusive cultures because by building inclusive cultures, we empower our teams to think broadly, deeply, and creatively. When we cultivate diverse leadership bench strength, we build inclusion into the fabric of our organization.

Amy C. Waninger Lead at Any Level

DEI consultant, training, keynotes, public speaker


CONTACT: Lead at Any Level

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