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Diversity and Inclusion Assessment from Spectra Diversity


Gain insight into the organization and individual employees to identify opportunities for further development


Organization results are delivered within 24 hours of assessment completion; individual results  are delivered immediately


Open-ended questions yield amazing insights to identify trends and add qualitative data to the quantitative data of the actual assessment


The only validated assessment tool that provides results for individuals and the organization with a single assessment

Customer Experience: Moving the Needle

A liberal arts university used the Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment (SDIA) to measure staff and faculty. They then conducted D&I training with one group (staff) and used the SDIA again a second year. Perceptions of the faculty went down. The university was able to move the needle in a positive direction with the staff. The SDIA provided evidence that their efforts made a difference.

We  need to reach that happy stage of our development when differences and diversity are not seen as sources of division and distrust, but of strength and inspiration.” ~ Josefa Iloilo

Diversity & Inclusion Self-Assessment Organization Report

Knowing where the organization’s commitment lies on diversity and inclusion matters greatly. An organization that recognizes how diversity and inclusion directly impact employee engagement and innovation shows a forward thinking, inclusive organization. When employees that feel their organization is invested in diversity and inclusion efforts and that all stakeholders (employees, customers, partners) feel welcomed, valued, respected and heard, the result is a more engaged workforce. Organizations benefit by seeing an increase in productivity, innovation and morale.

The Organization Report includes perceptions and recommendations related to:

  • Culture
  • Management
  • Policies, Practices and Procedures

The Organization Report also includes:

  • Placement of the Organization on the Spectra Diversity Maturity Model
  • Anonymous summary of Individual Report responses
  • Anonymous responses to open-ended questions
  • Demographic information

Sample Organization SDIA Report

Sample Assessment Questions

Diversity & Inclusion Self-Assessment Individual Report

To develop more effective workplace relationships, it is important to begin with understanding yourself. This self-knowledge can help you become more aware of how your behavior might affect others. Secondly, respect for others is assessed. By displaying openness and non-judgmental behavior it demonstrates that you value the diversity of others in the workplace. Individual behavior is directly influenced by one’s values, beliefs and attitudes. By being self-aware, one can identify his/her belief system. By understanding that, an individual can further choose to adapt behavior to optimize the impact of that behavior on others in the workplace.

The Individual Report includes D&I perceptions and recommendations related to:

  • Beliefs
  • Interpersonal Skills

Sample Individual SDIA Report

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