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Small Business Case Study

Small Business Case Study

Diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) small business case study Spectra Diversity Client: Wendy Culver, Chief Human Resources Officer at Mead & Hunt Mead & Hunt is a national engineering and…

Case Study: Diversity & Inclusion Council

Case Study: Diversity & Inclusion Council

Diversity & Inclusion Council: Case Study Background Diversity & Inclusion Councils, Affinity Groups and Employee Resource Groups have been in place for more than 30 years and exist in 90% of…

Starbucks White Chocolate Mess

Starbucks White Chocolate Mess

Today is the day. Starbucks is closing all its company stores this afternoon to conduct implicit bias training. Starbucks’ training is a response to an incident of racial bias that…

AI For DEI Requires A Human Touch

AI for DEI Requires a Human Touch

It is a mistake to lean on techno-solutionism in a process as nuanced as unbiased identification, interviewing and hiring ideal candidates for a position. There is no quick fix for incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) into a company’s values and day-to-day operations.

Powering Inclusive Cultures: Why Measurement Matters

Spectra Diversity's CEO, Chris Jones has written a powerful new book called Powering Inclusive Cultures to help you understand the importance of measurement in your diversity, equity and inclusion work.…

Why Hire A Veteran?

Why hire a veteran?

Veterans Make Good Employees When Spectra Diversity launched its assessment in 2017, we did not collect data on veteran status. We began doing so in 2020.  Here are the results…



Critical Race Theory and DEI Are NOT The Same Critical Race Theory (CRT) has received a lot of attention in recent years, with unfounded allegations CRT is being taught in…

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