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Announcing: Powering Inclusive Cultures: Why Measurement Matters

Data Driven DEI

Organizations of all sizes use data to inform their decision making. Diversity, equity and inclusion decision making should not be any different.

A new book, written by Spectra Diversity CEO Chris Jones, covers all the reasons why qualitative (numbers) and quantitative (written or spoken words) data should be used to inform the strategies developed for DEI efforts within organizations .

Powering Inclusive Cultures: Why Measurement Matters is now available via Amazon and soon to be available through local bookstores. The book is designed for senior leaders and C-suite executives who may wonder why DEI is important, and how to actually accomplish substantive changes in their organizations.

Standalone Bias Training Doesn’t Work

One of the first topics covered in the book is why standalone bias training doesn’t work. Despite the billions of dollars poured in to DEI efforts since the murder of George Floyd, the needle of progress has barely moved.

This isn’t because DEI efforts don’t work, and it isn’t because DEI isn’t important to employee engagement. It’s because often, companies implement ineffective strategies without first measuring what’s happening in their organizations.

Powering Inclusive Culture: Why Measurement Matters shows you a different path. With cases studies, workbook style learning activities, and of course DEI data, you will learn how to recruit and retain employees and how leadership can create a more inclusive environment and a sense of belonging for all employees.

Learning activities included in the book can be downloaded (with an answer key) from the author website:

Data Driven DEI

DEI Demographic Insights

Since its founding in 2016, Spectra Diversity has collected thousands of data points via the Spectra Assessment. In depth analysis of key insights show how different groups feel, think and act regarding their organization’s culture, management and policies, practices and procedures.

People need to be treated differently on occasion because people ARE different.

One size (or approach) does not fit all.  The U.S. is not a melting pot where all demographic differences melt away into a bland soup. We are more like a tossed salad, with  each demographic carrying its own flavor, texture, needs and abilities. Understanding the demographics of your organization can help you better understand strategies to create and achieve your DEI goals.

The demographics collected via the Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment include:

  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Age
  • Gender Identity
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Ability/Disability
  • Veteran Status

The book is designed for organizations just beginning their DEI journey, and will also provide helpful lessons and data for those who have already begun.

Start Your Data Driven DEI Journey Today

Any journey begins with a single step. Take the step and order the book today, and learn more about the Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment, and how you can begin collecting the data you need for Data-driven DEI in your organization.

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