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Remembering and honoring the 7 minutes and 46 seconds that George Floyd struggled to breathe

George Floyd’s death triggered a worldwide movement called 8:46 based on the original time that it was thought the officer kneeled on his neck. His six-year-old daughter simply said, “Daddy changed the world.”

Are you an experienced Diversity & Inclusion facilitator? Or the head of a major metropolitan police department? Or a Mayor?

Then you are probably doing all that you can to honor the memory of George Floyd. It is in his memory, and with the memory of the scores of black men and women who have died at police hands, that Spectra Diversity is making this offer. The offer will be good until at least the 6 month anniversary of George Floyd’s death.

A diversity and inclusion assessment will give police departments a benchmark as they make changes to reduce and remove the systemic racism that impacts many communities. Measuring will allow D&I consultants, mayors or police chiefs to understand where the strengths and weaknesses lie, and provide direction for the efforts to improve the departments.  Measuring at a later date, will show whether or not the PD was able to move the needle.

To take advantage of this offer, complete the form below. Please schedule a 15 or 30 minute conversation with us using this link:

We look forward to many productive conversations.

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